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Langley Towing Services: How to Avoid Getting Your Vehicle Towed

By Clover Towing Posted December 9, 2018 In Uncategorized

Most of you have experienced that sinking feeling of returning to your parking space only to realize your car is gone. Whether you are at work, home, shopping, or visiting friends, having your vehicle unexpectedly towed can be an unwelcome surprise, leaving you scratching your head in complete confusion. To help you avoid the dreaded “disappearing car” scenario, here are some handy tips on how to avoid getting your vehicle towed.

Watch out for Parking Regulations

After long last, you finally found what seems to be the perfect parking space. Before you back into it, however, you might want to check for signs of parking restrictions. Loading zones, reserved handicapped spaces, or areas with limited hours or times of day you can be parked can all result in hefty fines and a towed car if you neglect to follow parking regulations.

Plug the Meter

It might be an inconvenience but failing to top up the meter can cause some serious bills and headaches. Even if you are just stepping away from the parking spot for a few minutes, it’s always a smart idea to pay the meter. The last thing you want is to shell out for fines and towing expenses if you don’t have to.

Keep an Eye on the Time

It can be easy to forget how long you’ve left your car in a pay parking area. Before you know it, your time has run out and your car is ticketed or gone. To help you keep track of the time, set your phone alarm to alert you at least five minutes before your meter time has expired. That way, you’ll be able to refill the meter and avoid getting your car towed.

Pay Your Parking Tickets

No one likes paying for parking violations. But unpaid fines and tickets can lead to your car being towed, adding to your bills and aggravation. If you want to avoid having the headaches and hassles of dealing with an impound lot, pay your tickets as soon as possible.

Sometimes getting your car towed is welcomed, sometimes it’s not. Got into an accident? Car broke down on the side of the road? Moving a vintage car across the country? Langley towing can be a major benefit when you need a helping hand. But having your vehicle towed against your will can up the frustration and fee factor. Following the above tips will go a long way in preventing any unwanted surprises, leaving your car exactly where you parked it.

When you need the very best in Langley towing services, contact Clover Towing today!


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