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Read what our customers are saying about us.

“Thanks for your speedy response in Langley. You arrived sooner than scheduled, easily removed the ‘stuck’ lug nuts, changed my tire and got me on my way very quickly. Nicely done!”

- Carol L.

“Excellent experience! Staff was very helpful.”

- Debbie M.

“Needed a tow and another tow company told me an hour to an hour and a half wait. I called Clover Towing and they had a truck there in less than 15 minutes. Tow truck driver Terry was extremely professional and helped me out of this situation. He was even able to parallel park my car with a tow! Thanks Terry for your help and kindness!”

- Daman S.

“Very nice staff. Attentive and quick.”

- Heather R.

“Very pleased with Clover Towing who came to my rescue on a busy Friday afternoon recently on Highway one when my car had what turned out to be catastrophic failure of the high pressure Fuel pump. I called the competition but they could not help me but put me in touch with Clover Towing. Initially the very helpful and kind dispatcher lady said it would be about an hour wait but within 10 minutes I got a call from your tow truck driver who was luckily not far away. I was towed all the way to my dealership in Burnaby. Dwayne, your operator was very professional and the price was very fair. Sadly the damage to my fuel system, unfortunately, was a different story as almost 10 K to fix. Thanks again for excellent service.”

- Edward H.

“Clover towing was quick to respond when I locked my keys in my car. They allowed me to get back to my office on time for my client. Friendly and thorough service from all involved.”

- Lorraine A.

“My car got towed because my friend's stupid decision to drink and drive with my car while I was out of town. When I tried to pick it up, they told me I couldn't get my car for another week. I came back from my trip this morning at 4:00 AM, had lack of sleep and this was not the news I expected to receive. I was very upset at the situation, because I did not know my friend ( now ex friend ) had driven drunk, so I was super pissed- But, oh my lord, the lady who helped me, like, I love her so much I would get my car towed every week just to receive her amazing customer service. She was the most polite, and understanding I've ever met. She was just a kind-hearted person who literally made this awful situation into a bearable one. Like literally, I never had this type of customer service in my life, so this company deserves more than 5 stars- 10 stars if I can give it. It’s unfortunate I still can’t get my car, but honestly, I can't stop talking about how kind she is, hence this review. If I get my car towed again and this company tow my car, I'm not even going to complain, I'd probably stop by with brownies for the staffs for their amazing service. 

I didn’t ask for her name, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for making my day less stressful .”

- Inosensia S.

“18 years in the industrial trades, Clover has towed our gear over various provinces north and south. Always on time, the ability to park and jockey the largest of equipment in the tightest of locations, in every seasonal condition mother nature has to offer. Thanks to Drew at helm for long haul and all the drivers, cheers.”

- Dustin V.

“Quite impressed to be honest. My car has been there for 7 days. Went to check my car nothing is missing. Customer service is awesome.”

- Cedric E.

“Great experience with this company. I’ve used their services dozens of times and will continue. The drivers are all professional and know what they're doing and the office staff is friendly and polite. Keep it up guys!”

- Ryan R.

“I had a great experience with Clover Towing, went to drive home from work at 10:00 PM and found a flat tire. The fellow arrived very quickly, was very friendly and helpful and got my car to the shop and myself home. Thank you for your help Trevor, I recommend them and especially recommend this fellow.”

- Keegan M.

“I would like to thank Clover Towing and especially their driver (JD) for their help over the weekend. Our trucking company is a regular customer of Clover and we've always been satisfied with their service. Due to the recent snow fall, our truck got stuck and needed to be pulled out of the snow. Clover had to call in their largest truck whose driver had been recovering from a monster shift the previous day. THANK YOU TO YOUR DRIVER (JD) AND THANK YOU FOR THE RESPONSE CLOVER! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU!”

- Philip von S.

“I rarely have any dealing with tow truck companies but for an ICBC issue I had to get a car towed. Clover Towing was really polite and professional. The guy that came and picked up the car was nothing I expected and totally polite and courteous. Excellent customer service and I would recommend this company to anyone.”

- Pat S

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